College Handbook, Policies and Guidelines

The College is charged with establishing Policies and Guidelines for Regulating the Profession of Midwifery in the Province of Alberta. These are determined by committee with review by other stakeholders familiar with policy formation as well as other medical professionals within and without the province. All documents are then passed by council and shared with the midwives.

Midwifery Code of Ethics



Note: update to the Handbook Registration information: Mount Royal University (Calgary) is now an approved Midwifery Education Program for Registration in Alberta.

CMA Registrant’s Handbook Revised Nov 2013

Appendices to the Handbook:

    1. Health Disciplines Act
    2. Midwifery Regulation
    3. Standards of Competency and Practice
    4. Appendix 4 Guidelines for Prescribing and Administering Drugs
    5. Appendix 5 Mobility in Canada
    6. Policy on Non-midwife Second Birth Attendants

7. Policies: see policy section below

8.Newborn Metabolic screening

9.  Infection Control: for updated guidelines see;  and  2015 PEP Guidelines for  BBFE :

10.Standards, Limits & Conditions for Controlled Substances -June 2013



P1 Policy on Established Practice

P2 Allowable Expenses and Per Diems Policy

P3 Credentials for Objective Structured Clinical Examination Examiners Policy

P4 Conduct
and Competency Committee Policy

P5 Policy on Student Registration

P6 Policy on Restricted Midwife as Second Attendant : Assessment Tool:

P7 Midwifery Client Records and Recordkeeping Policy

P8 Approval of Educational Programs

P9 Examination Appeal Policy

P10 Request for Care Outside Standards of Practice

P11 Supervision Requirements and Plan for Reporting Policy

P11 addendum: Evaluation of Supervised Practice

P 12 Discipline Hearing Summaries Policy.docx

P 13 Second Birth Attendant Policy

P 14 Social Media Policy

P15 Policy of continuing Competence

P 18 Informed Choice Policy





  1. G1-Practice-Review-Committee-Guidelines
  2. Guidelines for Expenses and Per Diems  /  Fee schedule
  3. Protocol for New Committee Member Appointment
  4. “In Good Standing”


S1. Statement on VBAC

2. S2 Statement on Collaborative Practice 2014 09 23

S3 Statement on Insurance and Risk Management Program Values