College Board

Council                                                                                               College Staff

Diane Rach – President                                                                   Registrar – Sara Ghebremusse

Cassondra Evans – Vice President                                                Executive Director – Marylyn Waters

Theresa Barrett – Treasurer                                                          Administrative Assistant – Margaret Barnes


Upcoming council meetings: Held at the College office:   Next meeting: January 12, 2017.

Annual General Meeting : TBD:

Minutes 2014 AGM April 20, 2015; 2015 Annual Report; 2015 audited financial statements; 2016 budget

Registration Committee :
Terms of Reference: Reg.Comm. : Chair: Cassondra Evans

Practice review Committee
TERMS OF REFERENCE: Practice Review : Chair: Joy West-Eklund

Conduct and Competency Committee:
TERMS OF REFERENCE: Conduct and Competency :
Chair: Theresa Barrett

Past documents:

2014 Financial Statements2014 Annual Report