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    The College of Midwives of Alberta joins in the celebration and offers congratulations to the first class of Graduates of Mount Royal University, Bachelor of Midwifery Program.


    Photo from Calgary Herald, June 4, 2015
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    Who are Midwives?

    “Midwife” means “with woman”. We are trained specialists who care for women throughout pregnancy and childbirth. More than 80 percent of babies world-wide are born into the caring, skillful hands of a midwife. 123

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    Midwifery regulation in Alberta

    In 1994, midwifery was first designated as a health profession under the Alberta Health Disciplines Act. Midwives in Alberta are currently regulated under the Health Disciplines Act and the Midwifery Regulation.

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    As of January 2013, registered midwives are governed by

     The College of Alberta Midwives.

    The College is charged with the responsibility to oversee the registration and practice of Midwives throughout the province.

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    Midwives must follow the Standards of Competency and Practice, which are part of the Midwifery Regulation, developed to ensure the safety of expectant mothers and their babies.

    These standards are detailed in the Midwifery Handbook and are reviewed and updated by members of the College of Midwives.

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About The College

The College is the Regulatory Organization Ensuring Quality Midwifery Services

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Midwifery is governed Under the Health Disciplines Act , Alberta.

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